Snowmelt Paver-Tray

Snow Melt Paver System

Tile Tech Hex-Tray™ SNOWMELT system is the most economical, versatile and easiest to install system for snow-free surface for pedestal supported pavers laid on elevated rooftop decks, terraces, plazas or walkways in both commercial or residential applications. Our snow melting system can be used with both ELECTRIC and HYDRONIC heating system and engineered to be used in conjunction with our porcelain roof deck pavers & adjustable pedestals and works by simply of running insulated electrical heating cables or hydronic pex tubing along channels on top of the aluminum heat plates which installed under the paving slabs. Additional wind-uplift prevention mechanism is also available for the snow melting system.

Applications of Pavers Snow Melting System

The Hex-Tray paver snow melting system can efficiently snowmelt practically any of our elevated paver installation and installed under our pedestal supported porcelain pavers on terraces, patios, roof decks, walkways or exterior paved areas and it only requires a minimum of only 2-3/4” FINISHED clearance including the pavers, aluminum heat plate, hex-tray, insulation and low-height pedestals and allow for adequate drainage under the pavers. The heated section can easily be confined to specific zones within a paved area or just a section of a 24″ wide paver if required and there are no restrictions on the minimum or maximum area for installation.

Load Bearing

Porcelain Pavers are comprised of a 2-cm / 20mm single layer of load-bearing porcelain designed for use in conjunction with raised pedestals and deck support systems as well as other dry installation and traditional fixing methods allowing total flexibility in design applications.

Light Weight

Due to their light weight characteristics, porcelain pavers are much easier to transport and install, especially in high-rise building applications where they can be easily transported in service elevators.

Superior Wear Resistance

Completely nonporous, they will not stain and require no sealing. They will remain looking as good as the day they were installed! Extremely high slip resistance for all finishes, ensures a safe floor area wet or dry.

Adjustable Pedestals

Our PATENTED Hybrid pedestal system is designed for porcelain pavers to lay level over a built up roofs & allow for self leveling, screw adjustable, PVC pipe adjustable and stack-able.

Installation Guide

Easy installation

General installation steps, FIRST the pedestals grid is laid out and pedestals are assembled and tuned to the correct heights using string lines and laser level. SECOND, the Hex-Tray and the hex-foam insulation are pre-assembled and held together with included plastic cork screw. THIRD, the Hex-Tray/Foam assembly is then placed on top of pedestals and after 3 unites are installed the hex-lock disk are inserted into the curf-cut corners of the 3 trays and the 4th tray/foam panel is installed. FOURTH, the aluminum heat transfer plate is installed on top of the Hex-Tray and can be cut back at wall terminations to expose the Hex-Tray U-bends to allow loop back of heating element. FIFTH, the heating cable or pex tubing is laid in the channels and run the full length of area to be heated and returned to a common electrical connection point or plumbing manifold. SIXTH, the heating cable can be connected to a control box with timer for manual activation or snow switch to activate heating when snow moisture is detected and the ambient temperature is below a selectable set point in the range. FINALLY, with paver lift-up tool the porcelain pavers are carefully installed on top of the assembly.

Paver Options

Porcelain Pavers

Tile Tech’s Porcelain Pavers at only only 3/4″ thick, are the most thermally efficient and heat conductive paver perfect for snow melting and yet reducing heating cost compared to thick concrete pavers that require allot more heat just to melt the snow. They also boasts an outstanding combination of qualities unmatched by any other paver types with extreme strength and hardness, freeze/thaw resistant of less that 0.5%, resistant to external abrasion and is even resistant to scratching with steel tools.

In addition to its technical and aesthetic properties, our porcelain pavers range can meet a number of important safety requirements for exterior floor coverings in public places, combining an anti-slip surface with extreme wear & weather resistance. Additionally we also provide a wind-uplift resistant system coupled to our patented Hex-Tray system, which will also provide a safety system that will prevent from breaking and falling through& are ideal for both major commercial and residential projects alike, suitable for roof decks, rooftop terrace, balconies, plazas, walkways, and pool deck.


Standard Sizes:24”x 24″
Weight:1 lbs per sq.ft;


Light Weight
Load Bearing
High Breaking Load